Care Instructions

The i’mat1 is Machine-Washable

Use the i’mat1 in place of your traditional yoga mat or as a towel on top of it.

After class, to avoid spilling your sweat on your studio floor, fold each long edge over into the mid-line, fold each short edge in about 6 inches, then roll up the two layers from end to end.

Wash the i’mat1 in a traditional washing machine on regular wash settings. We suggest you use odor-fighting detergent and/or a sprinkle of baking soda to remove the sweat smells during the wash.

Dry the i’mat1 in a dryer on regular or low heat. There is minimal shrinkage with the i’mat1.

We recommend that you don’t wash or dry your i’mat1 with other towels, blankets or fabrics that are prone to piling. The i’mat1 absorbent top layer attracts the piles.


I usually have pools of saltwater at my feet by the end of the first posture in class. The i’mat1 pulled all that sweat inside the mat and left the top layer nice and dry and soft for the entire class!

Nicole J.

12-Year Bikram Student