Spiral and Wave, Vortex and Vibration – The Compliments of Whole


Near Cornwall, England

This could get controversial quickly! I have pondered these ideas for a few years now and they are still in their infancy. I expect it will take me a few more years to clearly articulate them. I am a bit impatient and apologize ahead of time for any confusion that results. I am only sharing a philosophy…

Duality metaphors persist throughout cultures, time, religions and philosophies. Metaphors are mental constructs humans employ to assist our understanding of reality. To that end, they are imaginary concepts. We may assign great importance to them and have strong feelings about their meanings, nonetheless, like words in general, metaphors are imaginary. Let that sink in for a moment. Arguably, one of the most collective use of metaphor is organized religion. People fight and die, oppress, rape, steal, conquer and get conquered in the name of organized religion. We go to war because we imagine our metaphors are more important than our foe’s imaginary metaphors. Similarly, metaphors like capitalist or communist or fascist conjure up the reflexive emotional storms of war. Let us end this. Let us recognize that metaphors are imaginary and fighting over them is senseless. Let us recognize that our existence is mysterious and whatever metaphor we use will NEVER adequately explain it. As we learn to recognize the limitations of our metaphors perhaps that will lead to more mutual understanding and cross cultural respect. To this end I propose… more metaphors!

One of the most common examples of a duality metaphor is the masculine and the feminine. These are historically mirrored in their celestial counterparts the sun and the moon and are steeped in emotional attachments. These attachments are a source of conflict. I aim to diffuse the emotional attachments that obfuscate understanding. I propose that the quality of the sun is most evident in the quality of vibration. The sun emits radiation that travels in waves; heat and light being the most obvious. I propose that the quality of the moon is most evident in the quality of vortex; its orbital spiral around the earth. By using physical patterns that are easily detectable and commonly understood in a variety of natural phenomenon, I can  reveal common truths without personified metaphors, and thus foster greater harmony.

Spiral is the organizing element. Wave is the energizing element. Spinning waves promotes harmony between these complimentary aspects. It appears to me that we are currently creating a paradigm that is strongly biased toward energy and consequently subdues or neglects organization. There is plenty of energy in the world, it is just not so cleverly distributed. There is plenty of food in the world, not well organized. There is plenty of money in the world but it is very badly organized. What would happen if we shifted our attention to creating more harmonious relationships within ourselves, to each other and our collective resources? What would happen if we took the $700 trillion (this is the notional value of the derivatives market) and allocated it with the intention of creating cooperative relationships between people and our planet? What purpose does energy have if it is not well organized?

The relationship between the vortex and the vibration is responsible for creation. We see this in the human body as the coming together of the sperm (practically all vibration) and the egg (practically all vortex). As the wriggling vibration infuses the organizing spheroid nest with its energy, the magic of creation commences. The DNA molecule is a good example of the spiral and the wave.The double helical organization carries the vortex element and the hydrogen bond between the nucleotide pairs holds the vibration element. Every living creature we know about has DNA (virus are the exception to this, but it is still debatable that they are living creatures).  In the developed body the vibration element is manifest in the spine and the vortex is manifest in the heart. The spine creates and holds the nervous system responsible for energy, communication, logic, focus, breath. The heart creates and holds the circulatory system, responsible for regeneration, rhythm, integration and exchange. The neural tube is the first structure to appear embryologically and the heart is the first functional organ to appear in embryological development. The neural tube harnesses and transmits vibrational energy into the spherical collection of cells which begins the beating heart. From the heart extend the blood vessels and the musculature, from the spine extend the nerve cells and the bone structure. The harmonious relationships between the heart and the mind, between the blood and the breath, between the bones and the muscles are all the same relationship between the spiral and the wave.

That is enough for now! There is much more to come, in time…