Spinning Waves – The Chakras

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There are exhaustive works on the chakra system, its origins, its meanings and interpretations. I do not plan to reiterate previous metaphors. The word chakra is often translated as wheel, but a better translation is vortex! Guess where I’m going with this! This is a form and function observation based on the premise of Spinning Waves.



The spine is the manifestation of the wave form. As energy flows through it in both directions perpendicular rotating fields are induced. These are referred to as chakras within the yogic traditions. Taking a look at the spine including the pelvic bowl and the skull there are 5 antinodes. As you can see from the diagram to the right the antinodes are where the magnetic field is strongest.

But don’t we have 7 Chakras? Yes! The first and the 7th are different. They are the terminal ends of the physical resonant structure. They are the valves of the tube system that harnesses and transmits energy within and throughout our system. This is nicely illustrated in the second diagram to the right.

chakra polarity


By far the most powerful chakra, based solely on the wavelength and amplitude of the corresponding section of the spine is the heart chakra. Have you ever wondered why the heart is not aligned along the spinal, central, axis of the body?  It is offset from the center because it is the manifestation and generator of the chakra system. It is the vortex, spinning perpendicular to the spinal wave. It must be offset to harness and transmit the spiral energy within and throughout. It powers the “circulatory” system. The sixth chakra centers on the pineal gland which is the focal point of the occipital parabola. The second chakra is centered on the genitalia, the focal point of the sacral parabola. When I develop this line of reasoning into a more robust form, I will elaborate on all the chakras and their corresponding physiology.

As the earth rotates and spirals around the sun it is creating massive magnetic fields. Our chakras, being of vortex nature, are affected by and are a part of the earth’s vortex field. Radiation from the Sun reaches our spines from the top and travels down. The upwelling energy from the earth is…as yet a mystery. But for the sake of this exploration, I will will put gravity in that place. As we are bipedal and upright, we receive huge currents of energy into the spine from above and below. These currents amplify our Chakra system. Have you ever wondered why Human beings appear to be more conscious than other vertebrates? No other vertebrate spends most of their waking lives with their spines oriented to the sun and gravity. Perhaps this has an effect? This could also be why we sleep prone. There is no research along these lines, i hope there will be one day.

More to come on the relationship between the spine and the heart…