I’m At One

Taken from: http://freehdw.com/wallpaper/giant-tree-96724.html


The name of my yoga mat seems to pass by most of my clients. This is partly due to the genius of Apple Inc.’s marketing platform and partly due to my deliberate obfuscation of meaning for the sake of design. None the less, the intent is as stated in the title here. I am at one. This is the fundamental premise of a yoga practice. Self realization is the sudden or eventual epiphany that I am connected to the great everything. This shift in perspective then feeds back to the smaller version of “I” and influences our behavior. At least, that is the idea. I recently saw the children’s movie “Epic.” I have an 8 year old son and a 4 year old daughter. One of the movie’s memorable phrases is “many leaves, one tree.” This is the essence of being at one with each other. As we allow this lesson to affect us it changes the way we perceive each other. We are all brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. We all love and need to be loved, we all share in the bounty of our home planet. We are many leaves of the same tree.

We also learn, or need to learn, how to be at one with ourselves. Here is another magic trick of the english language, to be at one with ourselves we must atone. We need to reflect upon our actions and assume responsibility for them and the effects they have and continue to have. When we integrate the impact of our actions on ourselves and our surroundings, we begin to act with integrity. To remain aware of our impact while we make choices is to live with conscious intent. I am no master of this, I only get glimpses. But these glimpses guide me and influence my choices. In this fractured and fragmented world a glimpse of serenity is a welcome feeling and one that I wish all of us could experience on a regular basis. This is yoga. This is important work. This may be the most important work in the history of our species. Get to your mat. Atone, Be at one, Be A Tone.