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Spinning Waves Yoga – Harmonizing Cognition and Intuition

One of the most vexing and urgent dualities to harmonize is that between the heart and the mind. While these concepts are vast and still mysterious there are distinguishable aspects that help us to approach understanding. We live in a very cognitive world based on... read more

Discover The Asana Within Your Body.

We may approach asana from the outside in by applying a set of rules or an idea to the body. We also approach asana from the inside out by observing ourselves within each moment and adjusting organization and tension to find calm abiding, freedom of movement and stability. The yoga is in the harmony between these complimentary aspects of Structure and Play.

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I’m At One

  The name of my yoga mat seems to pass by most of my clients. This is partly due to the genius of Apple Inc.’s marketing platform and partly due to my deliberate obfuscation of meaning for the sake of design. None the less, the intent is as stated in the... read more

The Path of Peace

As we wrestle the inner conflicts through a regular practice we discover that the outer conflicts are far less burdensome. This is the path of peace.

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Spinning Waves – The Chakras

There are exhaustive works on the chakra system, its origins, its meanings and interpretations. I do not plan to reiterate previous metaphors. The word chakra is often translated as wheel, but a better translation is vortex! Guess where I’m going with this! This... read more

Spinning Waves Yoga – Creative Breathing Technique

Yoga is a vast ocean of knowledge, skill and practice. I do not presume to know much about it. I have taught for 15 years and I know a little about it. Mostly though, I have developed an approach based on my experiences and observations. At some indistinguishable... read more

Spinning Waves Yoga – The Asana is the Teacher

I love roller coasters. I always have as far back as I can remember. A roller coaster is a serious feat of design and engineering. Each angle is precise, each curve meticulously sculpted. Each joint is reinforced and stress tested. Every moving part is precise and... read more
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