About Spinning Waves

The i’mat1 is manufactured and sold by Spinning Waves LLC.

On the surface… I use Spinning Waves as a  brand to market the i’mat1. I developed this product because I wanted to provide the yoga market with a highly functional, affordable and stylish product for the practice of hot yoga. The project began out of my frustration with my rental mats. Cleaning the rental mats at my studio is never good enough, they still reek and the odor wafts around like it owns the place. For studios that already process their own laundry, the i’mat1 is a great solution for stinky rental mats.

On the flipside…I have taught thousands of classes and tens of thousands of people over the course of 15 years. My practice has evolved as has my teaching style. The logo to my studio has three aspects: the sun, the moon, and a person.  I began exploring,  researching and intuitively observing what this trilogy meant to my students. Spinning waves really began as a philosophy to help my students understand what they were trying to accomplish in my class…

Spinning Waves is an initiative to promote conscious Harmony in people’s spiritual and physical lives. Using theories, techniques and products that reveal the relationships of the inner self to the external world, Spinning Waves provides people who are seeking harmonious lifestyles with a vision and the means to empower themselves through understanding and acceptance. The fundamental premise is that everything is connected. As such, all is one. Though each of us is unique and there are many differences to examine, we are not defined by our differences. We are defined by our relationships. We relate to each other, to things, to ideas, to resources, and most importantly, to ourselves. As we learn to understand our relationship to our self we can then begin to harmonize with our surroundings. We are responsible for our impact in life. Choosing to create harmonious relationships is empowering and serves ourselves as well as our expanded context.

We emphasize that to live in harmony takes practice. We practice intentionally harmonizing the complementary creative forces of “spiral” and “wave.”  Our first product, the i’mat1, is a specialized surface for the practice of hot hatha yoga. In Hatha yoga we practice harmonizing the relationship between the “Ha” and the “Tha” qualities of being. “Ha” gets loosely translated into Sun and “Tha” into Moon. Perhaps with an immersed understanding and embodiment of Vedic tradition these metaphors would have more meaning to western culture. I have taken these metaphors and distilled them to their more observable aspects.

The “Wave” is essentially vibration, it is the energetic element, the quality of the Sun. The “Spiral” is the organizing element, the orbital quality of the Moon, and more broadly, planetary bodies. These forces are inseparable aspects of One but are also differentiated that they may act upon each other with reciprocity. Through the relationships between the Spiral and the Wave, creativity emerges. With conscious intent we may assign values to these components and shape the creative outcome. In a hatha yoga practice this is directly experienced as we work to organize our body through alignment principles and control the energetic application of muscle contraction. Each asana is formed through the relationship between alignment and energy and is the student’s conscious intent that balances this relationship.  Through taking responsibility for managing this relationship in the physical practice we begin to see the ripple effects. We feel better when we are more harmonious within ourselves. When we feel better we treat each other better. Mutual respect is a natural outcome of loving ourselves with the recognition that we are all related.

Spinning Waves conveys the premise of religious and spiritual truths without the personified and divisive attachments that plague humanity with conflict. We recognize the beauty of our interdependence and take responsibility for ourselves within a larger context of our community and ultimately this planet, our home. We are of humble beginnings but are building a community.

Harmony is the end game. Harmony is the purpose. Harmony is the way. Harmony is the beginning and the end and in as much negates the idea that there is beginning or end, there is simply process. We embrace the process through small acts of personal courage to large acts of community empowering to random acts of compassion and service.

Michael Seymour

Michael Seymour

Principal, Spinning Waves

Michael has been practicing yoga for two decades and has been an instructor for more than half that time. He is a also an entrepreneur who sees voids in the yoga marketplace and tries to fill them with conscientious, affordable products for yoga practitioners. Michael is married and raising two children.