Can I buy the i'mat1 at a retail store?

The i’mat1 is not currently available for purchase from retail stores. We’re trying to keep the price of the i’mat1 down by offering direct-from-manufacturer sales only. We do provide a discount on a 3 pack for those that practice more frequently than they do laundry! We also offer a discount on a 10 pack that some yoga studios may use to offer the i’mat1 to their students.

What is the i'mat1 made of?

There are four layers to the i’mat1. The top layer is a soft absorbent microfiber terry cloth. The layer underneath that is an absorbent quilted polyester fiber. This draws the sweat off the microfiber surface and traps it to help keep the microfiber soft. Obviously, this effect diminishes as more and more sweaty is absorbed. The next layer is a waterproof TPU material that is durable, elastic and heat resistant. This is laminated to the fourth layer, a mesh screen to protect the TPU layer from heat and abrasion.

Can you use the i'mat1 for all types of yoga?

The imat1 is designed for heated yoga. This includes Bikram method, Core 40, Core power or any other yoga style that includes heat. Of course the surface is soft and comfortable for any form of exercise or meditation. It even works great as a beach towel! If you practice on a slippery surface like polished wood then we recommend using a regular (rubberized foam) yoga mat undreneath the i’mat1 for secure friction.

What setting should I use to machine-wash the i'mat1?


The i’mat1 may be washed in standard or commercial machines. We recommend using the regular cycle and adding one cup of vinegar with the detergent in order to remove any residual sweat odor. Bleach may be used sparingly but may damage the materials over time.


The i’mat1 may be dried in standard or commercial machines. We recommend the low heat setting. Using higher heat may cause slight shrinkage.


Don’t leave your sweat soaked mat sitting around for days without washing it or at least rinsing it and letting hang dry. Then longer it sits the more difficult it will be to clean.

The microfiber surface is attractive. The i’mat1 is best washed with its own kind, or with yoga clothes. It is best to avoid washing it with cotton towels as they will pill and the pills may stick to the i’mat1.

How do I use the corners for Rabbit Pose?

While sitting on your feet close to the back of the i’mat1 slide your hands into the corners palms facing up, thumbs pointing in. With your fingers inside the corners grab your heels. While your full hand will not fit into the corner, the material will provide plenty of friction so that you may maintain a strong, safe and comfortable grip on your feet.

See full instructions and photos on our Rabbit Pose page.

Separate Leg Forehead to Knee with Stretching Pose

This is a hidden secret that I use when I practice on the i’mat1. I like to stay on my mat, I am courteous that way. When I practice Janusirasana, depending on how I feel, I am not always able to straighten my leg right away. To reduce the friction of my heel on my mat, I straighten my leg first and then use my heel to pull against the i’mat1 so that it bunches up a bit and then I interlace my fingers under my foot to begin the posture. As I am able to straighten my leg the i’mat1 slides easily across my flotex floor. This tip will only work if you are using i’mat1 without a sticky mat.

Should I Use A Regular Yoga Mat With My i'mat1?

Maybe! There are certain circumstances where a regular yoga mat, or a sticky mat, would be useful. For example, if your studio has a hard surface like wood or concrete then a sticky mat would provide extra cushioning. If you have a hard time with balance and tend to jump around on one leg trying to capture your balance then a sticky mat would be useful to keep the i’mat1 more in place. My studio has a carpet like floor (called Flotex) and so I use my i’mat1 without a sticky mat for my regular practice. Occasionally I practice Yin yoga where there is a lot more time spent holding floor postures and I use a sticky mat underneath for that class to provide more cushioning.

Do I Help Other People By Using The I'mat1?

Most certainly! As a Bikram studio owner for many years I am well aware that one of our main struggles in attracting new clients is odor. Where does the odor come from? Much of it comes from sweat, especially sweat that gets left in the room.  When you practice hot yoga do you leave your sweat in a big puddle on the floor of your studio? In some places this may be normal or common but is that still the way you want to treat your sacred space? If you use i’mat1 you can soak up all your sweat and take it with you. You lessen the impact on your studio. You take responsibility for doing what you can to keep that special place clean. Your fellow yoga students will appreciate it and your studio’s owners, staff and teachers will appreciate it. The best way to contain the sweat after class is to fold the long edges ionto the middle and then roll it up

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Spinning Waves

5 out of 5 stars

Barb Hogg
Barb Hogg

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 years ago

My husband and I received these mats and I have never looked back! I enjoy the quality, weight and easy washing. The i'mat 1 is very soft and absorbs all the sweat! For sure~no more stinky mats! I recommend this mat to my yoga friends!! Fantastic product Michael!

Teresa R
Teresa R

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 years ago

I absolutely love my i'mat 1. I've been using it 5-6 times a week for about a month now. I'm tall and I appreciate the extra length and width of this mat. It is soft and absorbs ALOT of sweat. I used to sweat through my towel and mat to the floor. Not anymore...no more stinky mats!! Now I throw my mat in the washer and dryer and it is clean and fresh for every practice. It also lightens my bag to and from the studio. I like it so much I gave two as gifts!!

Nicole Jacques
Nicole Jacques

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

I love the i'mat1! I'll never go back to a traditional foam mat and towel again. Not only is it a great platform for hot yoga, but it's bigger than a usual mat and absorbs all my sweat into the material during each class. Afterward, I just throw it in the washer and dryer with my sweaty yoga clothes and it comes out fresh for the next class. After months of using it 4-5 times per week, it's held up amazingly well. The i'mat1 is really reasonably priced compared to other mats, and it's worth every penny.